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. >>> thank you. >>> it's the first international war effort since the iraqi war started eight years. the us and al lies launched an attack against libya. scott goldberg shows us the airstrike. >> reporter: us and britain fired cruise missiles from warships and submarines in the mediterranean sea. it strucker than 20 integrated air system and other facilities. >> reporter: the operation dubbed "odyssey dawn," is part of an international campaign to stop attacks by libyan leader muammar gaddafi against his own people. >> we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercery. >> reporter: earlier in the day french fighter jets destroyed remember ises in if the rebel- held city of benghazi. the strikes came after an emergency summit of top officials from the us, europe and arab countries, attended by secretary of state hillary clinton in paris. gaddafi called libya tv to say the state will defend itself and vowed to supply his citizens with weapons so that they can retaliate. libyan officials claimed that the attacks hit civilians, but that couldn't be verify. the no-
jackknifed as described to us by bart earlier today. you can look up the embankment and see the 8th and 9th cars a of a 10-car train. they are continuing to work on this throughout the night. they have a plan in place. a very large crane gingerly lifting two of the cars that derailed outside the concord bart station and put them back on the tracks. crews on the scene all day getting them back in service. the track has been tied up since two cars derailed about 9:20 a.m. this morning as the training was pulling out of the station. >> just started shaking back and forth. moving around. and it almost felt like we were going over stuff. and one of the ladies that was sitting next to me was like, i don't think we should be moving right now and she started getting up and that's when we started panicking. >> reporter: causing significant track damage and engineers are trying to decide if work in the area played a role. >> this is the first train to start single tracking and when it was crossing over to go into the single tracking mode that's when the slow speed derailment happened. >> reporter: ab
recovering from the weekend's stormy weather. many of us woke to down trees and debris everywhere from the strong winds overnight. we did get a break today, more rain is on the way, though. with all the runoff, does that mean we know longer have to conserve water. full reservoirs don't mean an end of water rationing. >> reporter: reservoirs around the bay area were high even before the latest storms. back in january, marin water district pulled the plug on alpine dam to make room for more water. >> you can hear the water sucking from the lake and actually going down to the spill way and it's so loud and so raging, like i said, the ground shakes beneath you. >> reporter: santa clara valley water district says its reservoirs and wells are in good shape. snowfall totals in the sierra and -- the snow is good and wet. the latest survey shows water content at 158% of average. good news for farmers and others who rely on snow melt. snow melt will also fill san francisco's reservoir in the sierra. what could go wrong now? you ever heard of a regulatory drought. >> it has to do with regulations
shows us today, capatola was hit by another flash flood. >> a russian river once again took over the village saturday, water rescuers could do nothing but watch after a second flood started at this mobile home park, pushing water through the city downtown. flooding dozens of homes. >> it was like a river ran through my house. >> and businesses. >> i have weeks ahead of me. it doesn't feel like fun work. >> this is where it all began on thursday night when a culvert burst under ground and sent water shooting into the village. this time the hole is larger. they are estimating it is 20 feet deep. 20 feet wide, and 100 feet long. when the pipe burst saturday morning, workers just finished stabilizing it from the earlier floods. >> the rains, the volume of water. the heavy rain overran the crews. they had to abandon their equipment and seek shelter at higher ground. >> the floor literally fell out from under some homes. >> furniture, vacuum cleaners, couches going down the street. >> and a mobile home staircase in the middle of the avenue. this woman lives on river view drive.
for joining us. right now in japan, sunday afternoon, government officials now admit a partial meltdown is partly under way at the country's new facilities. authorities ordered 150,000 people the evacuate the area, 170 miles from tokyo, and the shaking still has not stopped after the quake. a powerful quake off the coast happened. rescue crews are looking for people missing along 100s of miles of coastline, with many areas still unreachable. and we just got word that japanese police found 200 bodies in a coastal area. and new fears at one nuclear power plant that rose above the legal limit, they believe part of the plant is in partial meltdown. more on the situation. >> reporter: this blast at the nuclear power plant is putting all of japan on edge, three reactors at the complex are having problems with the cooling functions. and a top government spokesperson says a partial meltdown is likely under way. the people have been evacuated near the fukushima complex. the increased risk of cancer is at issue. >> there is a lot of people in japan, there has not been a lot of information coming
. >> there used to be a patio behind this house and now it is only mud. residents say there are cracks in the homes. the fire department has cut off gas in the homes as a precaution. >>> yesterday's flash flood. water, several feet deepgushed. it was the second failure by the same pipe in as many days an left a huge mess. anne makovec on the cleanup that began today. >> reporter: the sound of industrial vacuums replaces the sound of rushing water heard here yesterday when the second flood in three days tore through the downtown village turning streets into rivers. the water came from an underground culvert at the bottom of this 20-feet deep hole created when the pipe blew thursday. >> it is a sad situation. >> reporter: richard lives across the street from these homes all either yellow or red tagged. this pile of rubble used to be one of them. many were vacation homes but some housed elderly people. >> the red cross will help them for two weeks but what do they do after that? >> reporter: downhill dozens of businesses are cleaning up. >> we are packing everything out and moving it out.
refugees who fled the unrest in libya are heading home thanks to the u.s. military. mark phillips with more on the sea saw battle for control. >> the situation there is quiet and peaceful. >> twice today, moammar gadhafi's government claimed it had taken control of the strategic town of zowia and released footage. the government forces had moved into the town to try to dislodge rebels once before and were beaten back. then, they went at it again with a full armored assault. a reporter from britain's sky news is the only western correspondent there. >> we were under the gadhafi's forces now. they got closer and closer, now taken renew jersey refuge. they appear to be unable to stop the advancing and they are getting closer and closer. >> the rebels are closer to town. >> 6:00. 12:00. >> this will continue. >> zowia is critical because it's a suburb of tripoli. the closest rebel to the capital. it's a sign that opposition to gadhafi is not limited to eastern libya. in fact, it's getting bolder within tripoli itself. >> you should be -- >> okay, we won't then. >> opponents of the reg
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